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Miami Beaches Just Reopened: 5 Reasons You Should Visit

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It's official! Miami Beach is back open and ready for visitors to come and back in the sun and fun of South Beach.

Like most of us, you’ve probably spent months in isolation, cooped up and staring at the same four walls, the cautious reopening of favorite vacation destinations provides a tantalizing invitation to soak up a little sunshine, sample exotic cuisine and enjoy the simple pleasures of being outside. Miami has long enjoyed a reputation as a cosmopolitan escape that also offers spectacular beaches and a laid-back vibe.

Easy Arrival and Departure

While pandemic lockdown orders are lifting around the world, air travel to some areas hasn’t returned to previous levels. Miami’s International Airport remains a hub of travel despite these changes, with many airlines offering convenient routes right to the city from all across the world. It takes under half an hour to travel from the airport to most destinations in and around Miami.

Savor the Warmth of Southeast Florida’s Year-Round Summer Sun

For visitors longing for fresh sea breezes, lively conversations and the chance to visit art galleries and shops, Miami offers plenty of open-air entertainment along its beaches for those ready to enjoy some shopping and strolling in outdoor public spaces. Open-air shopping centers like The Falls or Bayside Marketplace have adjusted their hours but still offer access to cafés and restaurants. At Bayside, visitors can also rent a jet ski to enjoy a cool ocean breeze and take in the stunning views of Miami’s skyline from the waterfront shopping center.

Perpetual Outdoor Lifestyle

From the classic pastel tones of nearby South Beach’s Art Deco masterpieces to the art installations of Wynwood Walls, Miami is a city meant to be experienced outdoors. Enjoy the impromptu galleries showcasing local talent that appear along the beaches or take in an outdoor musical performance with plenty of Latin influence. There’s much to enjoy in the vibrant streets and Latin quarters, from the alluring rhythms of bachata to the hauntingly delicious scents coming from a sidewalk cafe.

Restaurants and Bars Reopened

With a legendary nightlife that gives visitors the opportunity to experience the Caribbean influence on food, music and dance in Miami, the beach districts offer endless diversion. New protocols govern dining, but world-class dining establishments are fully open and ready to welcome guests seeking fresh seafood, delicious Cuban-inspired cuisine and fruit-filled cocktails. Party until the early morning hours and then sprawl on white-sand beaches for a nap and some restorative sunshine before hitting the clubs again.

Fully Implemented Coronavirus Precautions at All Beaches

While Covid-19 has had its impact on travel, it hasn’t stopped Floridians or visitors from enjoying a day at the beach. More than one hundred social distancing ambassadors, identifiable in pink shirts, are available to offer friendly suggestions and guidance on how visitors can enjoy the beach safely. New rules include carrying a face mask with you, convening in groups of nine or fewer people and not erecting any canopies or tents on the beach.

Miami presents the perfect escape and an ideal way to emerge from the claustrophobic winter months into a world characterized by sparkling blue waters, warm white sand, exotic cuisine and a tantalizing nightlife. 

With so much to offer, it might be exactly what the doctor ordered; and what better way to live the Miami lifestyle, then with a luxury villa rental on the water.

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